Sunday, February 14, 2010

ho ho holiday

hello people of the world. how are yous today? me? not much of an excitement, tbh. holidays mean work to settle, still the same old but no puncak alam in view. i could haha to that, because i actually like puncak alam. especially the fresh cool air of its early mornings. u dont get that often in shah alam, really.

year of the tiger. lets RAWR. haha. im not into these kind of things, but tigers are sexy lol. ive been consuming a lot of mandarins, honey ponkans and etcetera until im feeling a little funny down in my tummy at the moment.. it is due time that im heading towards the toilet HAHA.

tomorrow im planning to spend the day at PJ, first stop being at Jaya 33, and then towards Amcorp Mall. InsyaAllah, I will treat myself with a hand full of holiday-survival-kits : BOOKS. haha. i know, bookworm i am. sitting outdoor on the grass with a cup of hot choc just a grab away, purrrrfect. sometimes its the only way that i could dwell into another world other than mine. having another point of view added to my own.. it's just cool. anyone care to share the moment with me?

have a good holiday, fellas.

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