Wednesday, February 17, 2010

lit up

wishing people HAPPY BIRTHDAY and MAY ALL YOUR DREAMS AND WISHES COME TRUE. i wish people would have wished me that everyday because in my mind i have this big of a wish, more like a dream really. apart from getting BPharm (Honors), dealing with meds and patients and other healthcare professionals, theres something out of my norm that i'd really like to achieve. i rarely share my dreams with just anyone, so consider yourself lucky mister blog, this happens once in a lifetime HEHE.

It started back in year 2005. I was wandering about in the cold winter in the heart of birmingham city, union street they call it, i cant remember, but i think it was near to bull ring. a store bearing the name WHSmith attracted me with so much attention, I just had to came in there everytime i went to the city. not only it had levels of books on sale but also a cafe in the middle of the store (i think u had to go to level 3 to reach the cafe)!!! it was just sooooo coool to be able to just sit down and relax with a light book down in your hand. And also a light chit chat with your friends, it seems like a cool atmosphere, only certain people would understand..
"A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty."
- Winston Churchill
so anyway, i was doing my retail RET530 assignment, and as i was doing it, my mind wanders off in this imaginary bookstore café we were working on. iits about love, its about compassion, i cant help feeling excited and planning to really open one, maybe in the next 3 or four years. (i just wished i had the time) insyaAllah. i have a theme in mind and everything is picked out and i know how i want it set up and everything but i really have no idea how to start a small business.. it will have a sense of warmth, cozy and comfort, light brunches, tea/coffee pastries..along with smooth music playing softly in the background… now thats what I'm talking about…it would be a great place to meet, greet and feed; not only the mind but the soul, CEWAH~ (boleh jadi tagline kedai ni haha)

hanum, jom !! sape lg mau jadi business partner? hehehe


izzati said...

saya mahu.tolong jaga cashier and supply cheese cake!

ahmad badruddin said...

mau tolong beli. haha

Mardhiyah said...

zatiiii... it wud be such a greattt idea with your cheesecakeeee.. i loveeeee!!

bad> haha.. tlg belikan tapak boley?

anumz sarah said...

Mar,you're such a dear.

<3 it. Agreed partner!! Great place to meet,greet and feed. InsyaAllah...

Mardhiyah said...