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New layout. I havent been doing this since i moved into blogspot. I got used to CSS codes that dear xml tags keep giving me headaches. but voila, new layout has been born into ehe. sorry i havent posted anything in a while. same old causes, same old purposes. i apologise (not that anyone cared anyway)

honestly, i dont know what to write. so i went on Word of the day turned out to be

SYLVAN : pertaining to woods or forests.

my first impression was about a memory years back when i was in primary school. darjah 5. camping at ULU YAM, selangor. program syabab dan fatayat. PSFM. I wished i had the pictures but no, i dont. nevermind, moving pics of a bit of everything still are in this precious mind of mine. aha. i remember it was my first time camping in the "woods" and during that time i secretly developed a fond interest towards nature. green , fresh and living. the cold temperature of rivers that cause every lips to go cyanosis, the sound of it all. teringat juga masa jungle trekking 2 kali kena gigit dgn pacat, gemok suda pacat tu hisap darah senyap2 dalam kasut. uhu. geli2. tak lupe jugak kena masak nasi guna api unggun kayu je, nasi pun cam ada yang mentah. ehe. paling bes of course la mandi berendam lama2 kat dalam sungai. syokkkkk. tidur selewat 2 bangun seawal 4. qiamullail pun tersengguk sengguk. ada jugak yg tertidur masa sujud. kelakar.

second camping masa darjah 6. pulau pangkor. laut. teringat masa main game hud-hud. 3 pagi kot. gelap gulita. the purpose was probably to test our ability to stay calm and focused. ditinggalkan keseorangan dalam hutan, mencari jalan pulang hanya dengan berpandukan suara sayup2 "hud-hud". kenangan.

lepas tu sekolah menengah da takde camping. kat UK lagi la takda camping. tp balik malaysia camping lagi. main sungai lagi. tapi kali ni with la famille. the most recent camping moments masa kat kemensah. eh, actually it wasnt exactly camping, tapi masuk hutan la. mandi sungai air terjun jugak. pergi ngn rakan2 pharmacy. BBQ. jungle trekking *pakai sliper je*. paintball. best.

and now i feel like wanting to go camping lagi. paling koman pun mandi sungai je la. rindu rindu.

yesterday i watched Oprah. one of my favourite tv shows. the topic was about the usages of plastic bags and how it affects the environment. and did you know? every ocean ade at least one patch or pool of garbage floating around on it surface. i cannot remember where was the largest patch was but just imagine it stretches from california to japan. it was sickening to watch pictures of wildlife stuck in that kind of environment. ade this one bird *what species wallahualam* it catches fishes with its sharp beaks by diving from the air into the water, and ade transparent plastic bag on the surface of the water which then caused to bird to get stuck in it forever. ade sea turtle stuck in an elastic rubber band when it was young and grew up having that band deforming its body structure. kesian gila.

im glad selangor have started to reduce the usage of plastic bag by charging consumers 20 cents for every plastic bags every saturday. nak gi shopping kat tesco ke giant ke better bawak beg shopping sendiri la. and whats better, kalau hari sabtu je mesti orang ramai malas nk gi shopping sebab tak dpt plastic beg so berkurangan la org kat giant ke tesco ke hari sabtu tu.hehe. kalau tak ramai sokmo jeee. huh.

semalam earth hour. i support by sleeping early in the dark. haha. did u turn off the lights?

p/s: daripada taktau nak cakap apa to banyak cakap pulak. bagus tul idea word of the day ni, leh amalkan selalu. ehe.

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