Tuesday, March 30, 2010



Today's Word of the Day *from dictionary.com* is :

NEOPHYTE : a novice

i wanted a further explanation so i clicked on the word :


\NEE-uh-fyt\ , noun;
A new convert or proselyte.
A novice; a beginner in anything.

saya juga seorang neophyte. also known as beginner, novice, newbie atau pada gamers mereka mungkin panggil sy NOOB.

pada 3 minggu yang lepas sy telah menerima bungkusan dari Korea. gembira di hati tak terkata bila sy mmg da tau ape yg terkandung dalam kotak bungkusan itu. it was my first touch on a toy camera, nama dia diana mini ^_^ packaging dia menarik sangat.. a collection of lomo pictures membuatkan saya lebih excited. jauh di sudut hati "akan aku jadi lomographer berjaya, producing picture ala-ala vintage, oversaturated colours dgn vignette menarik, insyaAllah"

my first roll of film has been succesfully developed. alhamdulillah, i loved the way the pictures turned out. very old-school but still a lot of improvements need to be made - kata hati sy sendiri.. sy pun mula join online flickr group diana mini, rasa ingin tahu membuak2. bereksperimen dengan different film ISO. 2 rolls are already on its way to be developed. sy minta one of the film to be cross-processed. i cant wait to see how it turns out.

thanks to online lomo groups. sy takde sifu lomo huhu to directly teach me. huhu anyone ?

anyways, yeap.. im looking forward to collect more lomo cameras. hehe. *gile* sorry DSLR you may have to wait. a lot of people are using DSLR nowadays. dah mcm trend bukan kerana passion. org kate its not the camera but its the eye of the photographer. nak kata sy pengambil gamba yg bagus, tak jugak..tp buat lah sesuatu kerana kamu sukakannya. bukan nak show off atau sebab orang laen pun guna jugak.

anyway, im still a complete neophyte when it comes to photography & lomography. it's what im into the most, one of my favourite things sejak dulu lagi so i believe there is a way for me to become a professional one. ehe. insyaALLAH. everyone is a beginner when it comes to something new kan? macam tangga batu caves kat UiTM puncak alam ni la. you climb up the stairs slowly, enjoy the view and eventually you'll reach the top :D

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