Saturday, May 8, 2010

end of yr 3

Bismillah ArRahman ArRaheem..

Exam has already finished. Wohoo? Naaah, I dont feel like wohoo-ing all that much. to be honest ive been wondering why my post-exam emotions are becoming rather dull. somewhere in this heart, things are still unsettled, leaving feelings uneasy quenching my internal organs. okay, it's probably just my hormones making fun of me, *stop it, you!*

probably because i forgot to bring my shower gel and shampoo back home. *haha* i took off and left puncak alam rather abruptly i must say, only God knows why. another year to spend it there, God please make things easy for me. okay laaaa, i must say probably i survived because of my girl friends. I heart you girls. Im not the jiwangy type but try to open up my cardiac space, you'll find your names carved in every corner of my atrium and ventricles.

que sera sera.. I'm ignoring the dark side of life, because looking at the brighter side is much more pleasing. Looking forward.. short termly is 7 weeks of industrial training. hoping to gain as much of good memories and experiences as possible from it. long term? havent thought about it much *tsk. i only know that i have one whole year more to finish my BPharm (Hons.), insyaAllah. Rabbana Yassir Wala Tu'assir.

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