Saturday, April 17, 2010

le battlefied

No word of the day for today because le self is not bothered to check le dictionary and le brain is not in the most fittest position to elaborate.

Updates? nothing much, nothing big and nothing as significant as final exam is coming right up to steal my precious moment with mr bed and also mr bantal. and it is making me more and more attached to the study desk, more academic boooks, heaps of sheets of lecture notes and flourescingly bright coloured inks. oh~ i like~~~

First paper shall be on the 21st of April and ends on the 7th of May. May the time in between be filled with a lot of determination and a well lit inner fire, healthy bodies, balanced of work and play.

Allahumma inni as-alukal fauza 'indal qadha wa manaazilasy syuhada wa 'aisyas su'ada' wan nasra alaal a'daa'

Ya Allah Kami memohon kejayaan dalam setiap ketentuan, tempat para syuhada'dan kehidupan orang-orang bahagia serta kemenangan mengatasi musuh
AMeen Ya Rabb~

Good luck and all the best to all dear PH210 mates!


karl said...

gudluck mar =)

Mardhiyah said...

thanks naim !! all the best to u too :)