Friday, May 14, 2010

les semaines

FIRST WEEK INDUSTRIAL TRAINING is done! wohhoo!! actually.. i'm not sure what's the emotion behind the woohooo. i'm not glad that im done with the first week nor am i excited.. somehow, right now, im feeling rather sad because time seems to fly so quickly. i like it there.. okay, this is probably just the first week to judge everything but really, i like the first week.

i'm being attached (hoping not to get too attached) at CNI company located at hicom glenmarie. not too far away from home, just around 15 minutes journey. we've been given each 2 yellow tees for our daily uniform, but we have to wear white overalls and working shoes inside the factory. free lunch, delly foods, very very good's very welcoming. basically all i did was checking weights, do some leak tests, and recording things like the RH and temp. the workers there are very nice and friendly, i even got a free haw juice today from one of the workers. thanks mr-i-dont-know-your-name-im-sorry!

next week, the first 2 days will be no work for all of the workers including us, instead there will be some GMP training and 5s housekeeping practice.. ouh thank God my ears could do with some resting from all that machine noises. the headset thinggy is quite heavy lol.

learnt something funny from Truong (the vietnam guy i worked with in the bioplus filling room) he said he can distinguish a married female from the not yet married one from the way she spins her body. he cant explain it the way i can understand it but he said he just knows.. like wow?

and ouh, i smell of coffee everyday :))


Anis izyan Abd Rahman said...

mcm best je mar nye company
cant wait for my attachment next sem
*smgat2 nie..skali anis kene yg tak best..pdan muke

'atikahzahir said...

waaaahh!! bgosnyee kamu Mar,,,keep up ea!!

Mardhiyah said...

anis: best2.. anis pilih company besar2 skit k,, :))

kak tikah: thanks kak tikaah! :DD