Friday, May 28, 2010


oh tidak, saya bukan baru buat waxing kaki cabut bulu *that was my first impression of this word. HAHA. ladies, biasala kan? guys pun mesti terfikir pasal waxing CARS takpun you men think about your ear WAX. hehe.

it's the word of the day :)

waxing \WAK-sing\ , verb;
1. To increase in extent, quantity, intensity or power.
2. (Of the moon) to increase in the extent of its illuminated portion before the full moon.
3. To grow or become.

the opposite to wax is wane which means - decreases in intensity. thats why we often hear "wax and wane" which is an idiom. something that waxes and wanes often grow bigger and stronger then it becomes smaller and weaker again... *reminds me so much of the Achordion theory of retailing -____-; (dan secara tiba-tiba CUAK pasal result exam. bile ea kluar? bulan 6 kan? huwaa)

a simple example of something that waxes and wanes is LIFE itself. agree with me much? at one time you feel like you're on top of the world.. and at another time, you feel like rubbish being kicked to the edge.. biasala tu kan. dah nama pun kehidupan,, where's the fun without the cunt? maafkan bahasa yang tak sopan. biar saya tukar "where's the fun without the sun" much better *even though it has nothing to do with anything HAHA

but im here to talk about waxing *only*. i wonder if there is such thing that goes bigger and stronger as the time goes by? even the mooon doesnt stay full and mengambang setiap masa. manusia pun, sesihat sebesar mana pun tetap akan grow old and weak. anything that have any kind of value will deteriorate,, the value will recline and diminish in time. pendek kata, all living and non-living things have its own "SHELF LIFE" hehe.

i kept on wondering and wondering apelaaa yg keep on growing and grow but never gets weaker and smaller.. i googled and i found this:

"kongsikan ilmu dan anda akan mendapat ilmu"

yeay, an ANSWER at last!! KNOWLEDGE is power :))

i have read somewhere that when you give out your possessions or HARTA BENDA it will obviously tinggal sikit la but when you give out or share your knowledge it wont run low, instead you may also learn and gain MORE.

“Men honor what lies within the sphere of their knowledge, but do not realize how dependent they are on what lies beyond it.” ~Chuang Tzu

What Allah has given us is like a drop of water if compared to the whole ocean. Bayangkan betapa luasnya ilmu Allah tu. O Allah, fill my heart with true englightenment, wisdom, understanding and knowledge for you are the most knowledged, wahai Tuhan yg Maha Mengetahui.

Rabbi zidni 'Ilman warzuqni fahmaan~


{ uMy } said...

7th june mady klua result :)

Anis izyan Abd Rahman said...

eerr..result??tak nak tahu bleyh ke??

penuh dgn ilmu !! yay !!

Mardhiyah said...

umy: seryes?! omg cepat nyee!! *cuak cuak

anis:kan?!! takut gle :-S
jom2 kite pnuhkan imu di dada :) share2 sharing is caring :D