Saturday, November 20, 2010


I was reading my old posts at my old blog. *AGAIN*

I cant seem to fully move on, can I?

"penat tul rasenye hari ni..kat sekolah tadi..full day..esok pun full day, takde free..first lesson td ade chemistry dgn Dr Giles..boleyyla tahan..blajar psl hydrogen halides..sir buat exp kat depan..yg bestnye mase tu sir letak Potassium Bromide kat dlm test tube pahtu campur dgn concentrated Hydrochloric Acid..die terletak byk acid sampai reaction tu jadi violent giler dgn KBr...diorang ckp the gas given off (HBr) tu berbau..tapi aku tak bau ape2 pun..sbb idong sumbat..haha Lepas chem ade Bio pulak..dgn Ms Uglow..blaja psl the difference between fetal Hb ngan adult Hb ngan ape effect Co2 on the saturation of O2 in Hb.,lepas tu break time..lepas breaktime chem lagi.tapi kali ni dgn Mr Bhadresha..hissk esok ade dgn die lagi...double lesson lak tu..lepas chem, maths lesson..dgn Mr Atinkah..pasal binomial expansion..lepas tu lunchtime..lapo sey..sbb mase breaktime x mkn cafe beli veggie burger..dgn freddo..yeay! dah jumpa balik my lunchcard..hehe takyah nk pinjam org lain nye lunchcard..alhamdulillah~ lepas lunchtime ade assembly...boring tul ckp psl holocaust...lepas assembly, maths lesson lagi..dgn Mr Merwanji lak..still on the radian thingy but nearly the end..."

Those times at Caterham.. Gosh, I really miss those times.. Boleh tak nak go backwards in time, please? I think I left a few pieces of my heart over there.. :(

"went to stratford with my mum and my two little sisters. we went there by tube! can;t even talk in there! it's too noisy! huhu bought a pair of new! ive only got white trainers and need some black one..and i've got one today!!..hehe the trainers are reduced to 15pound!!! i can't even choose which one to buy at first..! haha then we went to mum bought this healthy grill..and bought 4 boxes of fish fillet at farmshop just to try the new grill..keh keh anyway my bro hasan can't eat those fried foods because he's not being very well lately..cough..flu..huuhu T_T hope he gets well mum also bought this new mobile phone...hehe it's little sister aisyah got a pair of long pink socks with cute little kitten on it >_<>

then went home..go upstairs and performed zuhur prayers..then helped around the house..usual stuff to do at home...know what i mean?? *gasps& u know on friday yea...this redza kamben missed call me on my bio was ms ugloww's lesson!! man i was a little scared in case ms uglow heard it..huhu but thank god i put my mob on vibrate..she dint realise it..or probably im dead right now =P huhu gtg noww ey bubbye xxxxxxxxxx"

I think this one's pretty funny LOL We were scared of Ms Uglow at that time, She was pretty strict. And I hope she wont google her name, otherwise the chances of finding me talking about her on the net is pretty high haha. Ms Uglow reminded me of Mrs Shemelds. She was one of my Science teacher back in waltheof high school. Contrast are those two.. *sigh, i miss them loads.

"hurm ape nk cerita ek ari ni. banyak sgt cerita sampai tatau mane satu nak choose kahkah lol. :P aku update ni pun disbbkan irna. die la ney. suh update. haha. kaco daun betol.

neway, semalam mase kuar je dari bio class, Maths Genius tunggu kat luar class tau cam bese la tunggu rakan2 die yg lain. tp smlm pelek sket sbb tiba2 je die cam hold my arm sbb die nk ckp sket.
Maths Genius: u beat chemistry...i got 85%
Me: ........yea?...........what did i get??
Maths Genius: errrr...86% i thought u know your mark already?
Me: Nope we aint got chemistry until tomorrow.
Maths Genius: oh. ok. u beat me anyway. *smiles*
Me: *smiles* haha....yes!....

then aku blah je..haha. sian die tp takpela. he's got his friends around. i was in a rush anyway mase tu coz nk buat maths revision for tomorrow's exam (which was today). but aku pelek dey. i'de never spoken to him before and tiba2 smlm die kate 'u beat me'. i didnt even bet or anything. pelek dey. manusa zaman skang. unpredictable.

ari ney plak. aku kat bus stop tunggu bus after maths. then die ngn rakan2 die dtg. ckp lagi psl chem exam tu. adey. well done la ape la. tanye tu la tanye ni la. whatever. tapi aku layan je ahaha. best pulak borak ngn depa. sampai my no. 11 bus arrived.

i felt awkward sket la mase tu coz normally when i get good grades or sumthing lyk that my friends will come up to me and say "boffin" or something lyk that but this time,depa kate welll done la ape la. rase strange sbb tak suke la! tatau camne nak describe tapi cam tak best :( im weird kan? haha. serious sey. aku rase kat JMC diorang compete with each other. know what i mean? it is a good thing coz somehow it encourages us to study more. but naoe tah, i dont like it that way. mcm people will hate me if i get top mark, esp in mock exam. so tadi aku ckp la ngn Maths Genius tu, "i bet u beat me in maths this time" haha. mmg pon. die kan maths genius. hurm. papepon aku dah letey. catch ya later. wassalam xxxx

p/s: lerrr..aku lupa publish. d'oh! huhuu. anyway, semalam tu ari rabu, hari ni tu ari kamis. harap maklum. "

I nearly forgotten that word "boffin" Havent been using it for the longest time, haha. And no point, really, cuz no one understand what it means, am i right, no? I even forgot what's Maths Genius's name. Ahmed is it? But he's definitely Asian hehe.

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