Friday, November 19, 2010


Last 6 days at home were brilliantly fantastique! All that is left for me is the weekend for me to enjoy the bits and bobs of home stuff. And then, torture is awaiting. OKay that was an exaggeration. Not exactly a torture, but you know what I mean. How close is PUncak Alam to torture, well, it cant be that bad, innit.

I've bought enough supplies to survive if there's ever any dull times over there. New sketchpad, pigment inks, watercolours, novels, movies and dramas. Should be enough right ?

But I dont know how I'd manage without the tv or the internet, I guess I've survived before, so it shouldnt be a problem. But still, holiday without those two would be awfully boring. God, give me strength. How I wish skiving snackboxes really exist. haha.

And ouh, home's cooooking ! That I would miss the most, I feel like it's not fair to miss the meals when everyone else is at home T_T

*sigh. Why am I making such a big deal over this?

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