Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fitting survivors

I find today's discussion in Journal Club rather interesting. Kak Naz presented about the emergence of Vancomycin resistance and the discussion extended to the field of microbiology. Kak Lisa shared what she learnt during the conference she attended on the evolution in a tube. Microbes are only prokaryotes but they evolved too much in order to survive.. If only humans were allowed to evolve that much we would have transformed into something else, completely.

Survival of the fittest.


I find it interesting that even a rain drop contains 50,000 microbes especially on the first 50 minutes. So what I've learnt is that, when you want to play in the rain, watch the clock and wait until after the 50th minute only then you can come out and play. (Manala tau nak buat mcm Selena Gomez dlm MV die A year without rain) Haha.

This morning my supervisor had me thinking, to consider joining PROMISE after my PRP. And I told her, well, If I dont like working in the hospital then I will put PROMISE as my second choice =D

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