Thursday, December 2, 2010


Word of the Day:
palingenesis \ pal-in-JEN-uh-sis \ , noun.

The first thing that comes into my mind when I encountered this word is FAWKES.

Whenever Fawkes dies, whether it be by violence or old age, he bursts into flame and is promptly reborn out of the ashes as a baby phoenix. (Wikipedia)

Rebirth from what I know, is an important belief in Buddhism where it is a process in which life changes from one life to the next. In religious studies (back in Waltheof School) i learnt that generally, the concept of rebirth (in other religion) is referred to karma, meaning that the deeds which a person accumulates in this life will determine the state in which he will be reborn. But in Islam theres no such thing or I might want to put it as having a different view from this. I belief in rebirth but not in the mean of cycle of birth and death.

What I'd like to belief is that we can "rebirth" our spirit and determination, I mean, you cant deny your spirit to do things can last long, at a time u feel excited and semangat gila to do something and at the next, it dies as the time goes by. Tak boleh nak deny kan ? KAdang2 terasa cam takde semangat gila nak buat something. At a time like that, All we need is someone who can bring our semangat back. Someone who can support you through the hard times. Tak kesah la sesapa, could be your parents, it could be your family, could also be friends or special ones. I find it hard to bring back the semangat on my own. I've been blessed to have a supporting parents and loving family and also caring friends surrounding me. Whenever I was down in the dumps, I can rely on them. But there also comes a time when YOU HAVE TO DO IT ALL ON YOUR OWN, where relying on people isn't part of the solution anymore.

What I do is go back to His words, The Kitaab :

And We send down of the Quran that which is a healing and a mercy to those who believe (in Islamic Monotheism and act on it), and it increases the Zaalimoon (polytheists and wrongdoers) nothing but loss” [Quran Al-Isra’ 17:82]

Seriously, the healing power of His words... Reincarnate my soul, a perfect palingenesis.

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