Monday, December 6, 2010


Word of The Day: Mumpsimus !

Meaning: a person who persists in a mistaken expression or practice

Dalam erti kata lain, seseorng yang degil walaupun tahu apa yang dia cakap/ buat/ percaya tu salah dan tetap melakukan benda yang salah !

And don't we all have this habit of mumpsimus ?

For instance, I kept saying lari lintang pingkang. I know it's supposed to be lintang pungkang but somehow I feel it's easier for the lips to enunciate lintang pingkang. and loads of other things that I cant think of right now.

Berpijak lah di bumi yang nyata

It's easier to fit yourself in something that you would like to describe as your comfort zone. In fact, if I was given the chance I would rather stay in there for as long as my breath would take me. It's easier for me to stay on the safe side, believing that's going to be allright even though it's unacceptable for other people. I've determined to believe that it's my own method to avoid getting hurt. I've tried being brave once, a few years ago. wait, it's not that too long a time. I tried to fight for what I want, I wanted to believe it would be worth it if I hold on. At that time I knew something wasnt right but still I held on. In the end however, I realise it's no use wasting my time and energy over something that I had no chance at all to win. I stood still and said to myself: I have fought and it's time to stop.

My point is, mumpsimus could be detrimental. I've learnt that I can defy my surrounding, but in the end, a right thing is in fact right, and I should know when to quit and get back on the right track.