Friday, December 10, 2010

Project 365

I've been engaging myself with Project 365 lately.

So what is Project 365? It's a photography project. For shutterbugs like me, I find this very very very interesting !! Why ? Because everyday I get to upload a photo that describes the day. Well, it isnt that hard for me because I've been taking like, dozens of photos every day !! I just have to choose only one of the many photos aand upload it on the net..

WHY am i making such a fuss?

I like this !! At long last I have purpose of taking pictures !! And I have two reasons why I wanted to participate in this project.

FIRST: I find this as an interesting way to chronicle a year. What's been happening and such. It would be great to be able to look back and recap the activities, the age and the stage of my life -and especially emotions behind it. I wanna make up for those moments that I didnt have the chance to capture photos of. Especially when I was in the UK, I was too busy enjoying the day to even take out a camera. And for that reason, some of the memories stay hidden in my mind rather than being shared with others.

SECOND: It would be a good way for me to enhance my skill to take pictures. Perhaps, putting into it a different perspective, and I've started to look at things in a detailed manner. I do not own a good camera, in fact I'm only going to use my mobile camera. LG Arena KM900 should be enough I guess, until I get a better one. But this, I think - would be a useful way to sharpen my eyes before getting my hands on the real stuff.

I will be uploading the pictures on and Flickr set (365 project set is yet to be born). And also, on facebook, but since facebook limits only 200 pictures in one photo album, I might not update it everyday.

It seems overwhelming doesnt it? But hey, I'm determined ;) I would totally LOVE it if anyone else would join me in the project !

My beloved companion cheering me on *hiks*

And oh by the way, exam results are out ! Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, thank you Allah.

I like how UiTM has improvised to sending exam results through our emails. I think it is by far the most convenient method yet UiTM has adopt. Teehee.

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