Sunday, June 26, 2011

Basuh kereta dan terbang

Hari yang bermatahari (apa translation untuk sunny day?) sangat sesuai untuk membasuh kereta. Kereta saya yang tidak berbasuh berminggu minggu hanya bermandikan hujan dan debu kelihatan sangat comot nak bawa pun tak ada selera. Tapi, terima kasih teman kerana mengajak saya basuh kereta kalau tak memang sangat pemalas nak bawak basuh kereta sorang2.

Tapi selepas kereta telah berkilat (harap-harap tak hujan. kalau tak, hujan tak berhenti dalam hati) seperti mahu terbang pula.



She is the culprit >>> YOWAYOWACAMERA

I heard of this amazing lady from LangkawiInk *check him out, cool photos*

Her levitating photos are awe to the some !! I feel like wanting to levitate myself, fly high and reach for the sky.

Watch you waste away
You were born to shine but left behind
Slowly fade to grey
Yet, you say you are fine but up here you're up high
How could you believe that you done wrong
You don't believe in yourself

So reach for the sky,
I would pick you up if I could
Open your eyes,
I would pick you up if I could
Listen to the sound
Of your days passing by while you live a lie
Watch you turn around
Watch you say "Goodbye" while there's no reply

Then I saw your face, you're left alone
But you're not alone, you're not alone, you're not alone


OHSEM rigggghhhttt? Setuju cepat.
#nowplaying Reach for the sky by Secondhand Serenade


Cyanobalamin said...

Cool doe levitation! I like

Anis izyan Abd Rahman said...

yer setuju ! haha

Mardhiyah said...

haha yay!

Anonymous said...

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