Saturday, June 25, 2011

Nice guys finish last

So, I was watching this video on youtube (nigahiga is awesome, subscribe to his videos and he wont disappoint you). Rasa terpanggil untuk mengomel sikit pasal "nice guys finish last" ni. It's quite a common thing jugakla benda ni, dulu pun masa di bangku sekolah, jika anda perempuan, tipu lah kalau anda cakap anda tak terjatuh hati pada lelaki yang lebih gangster. Lelaki yang senyap, innocent, muka mcm baik memang tak pandang la kan. Yang lebih di gila-gilakan adalah lelaki yang upfront, berterus terang dan nampak lebih konfiden, those who dont tuck in their shirts, has their collar up and often called by the school counsellor. Selalunya lelaki mcmtu yg lebih diberi perhatian tak bukan? dan lelaki2 yang buat hal sendiri di biarkan sendiri.

Lets face this: MOST women are attracted to power, and sorry to say this, but bad guys fits perfectly. Nice guys are those who bring roses to a date, try to buy us affections through chocolates, presents and all those fancy things. They think they know romance, but they come-on too strong , or too fast , and really , instead of appreciating the women, nice guys usually WORSHIP them. They had to give in to everything the women say, rarely speak up because of fearing that it might cause a conflict which results in the end of the relationship. SO, instead of REALLY loving the woman, it seeeeems to me that, this kind of guy ACTUALLY NEEDS HER. Dan, lelaki yang begini biasanya akan nampak lebih kekok dan berpura-pura. Bad guys vs nice guys. 1-0.

Dude, it's a major turn off.


Dont worry though, jika anda merupakan nice guys yang punya ciri2 seperti yang saya telah jelaskan diatas. Anda masih punya ruang di hati2 gadis. Mungkin anda berfikiran seperti "sweeet dowh bagi bunga bagi chocolate, romantic pe", "kamu lah ratu dalam sanubari, tanpa kamu hidupku tak berseri" Mungkin ramai perempuan yang sukakan lelaki sebegini.

But according to my observation , it's true, MOST women have a tendecy to be attracted to bad guys probably because nice guys are easily manipulated. Senang sangat dipijak2 kepala nya. Ikut je apa yang perempuan nak.. Busan kata mereka. Ini kata mereka, bukan kata saya. Dan bukan semua perempuan begini. Note: Attracted here doesnt necessarily mean being in a relationship or having experiencing things with these bad guys, but just simply attracted. Just like when you guys are attracted to pretty women.

Tapi, sebenarnya, in the end, when maturity kicks in, when it's time to settle down, these nice guys are really the ones who women want to marry. Not those who misbehave, uses bad languages, breaking rules etcetera. Even me, I dont like bad guys. Not those who are too nice either. Really... it has to be balanced. You dont have to be those bad guys to be accepted by women. You dont have to be those arrogant, ego head jerks who think they are bad ass that every girl swoons over. And you dont have to impress and give yourself in to women just because you want to win their heart. I guess well, you just have to LIKE yourself... know what you want in life and go after it. Only then you will seem like the most "right" person to be with , well , to us women who actually look after long term relationship. I dont have experience being in a relationship (only once or twice) or whatever but one thing for sure is that we dont need good looks or over attention, we just need security.

Thinking twice. Actually, the rule goes for both gender. But it's a matter of our own taste actually. And taste itself is a very subjective topic...

p/s: no offence, none taken.

p/p/s: and if it happens that you're the nice guys who get offended, watch the video first. my point REALLY isnt to support the statement of "nice guys finish last"


anumz sarah said...

Mar,point taken. p/s: love the realism. =P nice guys for nice girls. Girls-be nice but don't be dumb!

Anonymous said...

i prefer sum1 with bad guy image but with nice guy attitude :P

Mardhiyah said...

anum: it's a harsh reality kan...

syu: haha, wujud ke syu?? nak jugak :P

Cyanobalamin said...

kalaw nak ikotkan ati aq bace n3 nirh saket ppuan tp aq skerh laki romantis...buwat n3 ati2 yerh

They call me Fiki. said...