Thursday, August 25, 2011

Eat my flesh then

I need to write. I was already on my bed (best relationship match there is, my bed and I ♥) reading 2 pages of Linnet Bird, but, words kept popping in my mind, screaming to be let out, that I cant even concentrate, cant focus on what Im reading. Theyre not really words that are of significant importance but rather words that seem to have this real meaning; at least, in my life anyway.

This thing has been bothering me for a couple of weeks, to be honest. It all started when I bursted out something. Legit.

Out came a tweet from myself "I only speak the truth.even if it hurts"

And then came a reply "sincerity has lost its value over the years.ppl chose to hear hypocrisy rather than truth"


What has this society become into? Hypocrites? Fakes? Liars?

But hey, as hard or just as harsh as it may sound. It's true. The reality spells out drama. But I just cant accept that fact.

Ive grown up in a society where honesty is everything. It speaks through your eyes, people talk bad about you, IN FRONT OF YOU. and Ive grown accustomed to that fact. I dont mind. But since Im being educated at UiTM, I hear a lot of compliments IN FRONT but insults AT THE BACK. quite the contrary, huh.

But seriously people, I dont get it. Do you really want to be lavished in the comfort of lies?

Im not a pretty decent person myself. Sometimes I do talk behind other's back.. Sometimes I do a little of lying. But I feel bad afterwards. There are certain situations where you need to make up your mind, where to place your potential falsehood, plastic face, bodek bodek; and where to be truly honest about your own self.. POlitics is all it takes. But playing dirty wont take you far. Not to the paradise anyway.

If you cant say the truth out loud, then dont pretend to be all goody two shoes when all you do is curse at the back. People may hate you for being so upfront. yes. people dont like being critisized at, condemned. and there are sayings that if you cant say something nice then just shut up. but there are situations when you need to tell the truth, even if the truth hurts.

I personally rather be hit by the truth rather than be comforted with a lie.

"Truth is bitter, but its result is sweet; falsehood appears to be sweet but it is poisonous in its effect" -IslamSpeaks @twitter

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