Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fresh kickoff now?

I am way beyond ecstatic.. I feel great waking up this morning, thought I slept only for an hour (slept at 4am, woke up at 5+) Alhamdulillah,the unexpected became a reality. I didnt know I could pull out the courage to say whats on my mind. But in the end after 3 hours long late night phone conversation with my bestfriend, I am finally at peace.

The best pleasure in life is when you finally get the answer. I mean, you know them all along, but somehow or another, it has to be uttered by someone else. Someone you trust with all your heart. And there is nothing more that I could have than a person who is completely trustworthy, who is ready to listen to you about everything, from the smallest to the biggest thing, and for that, I thank you my bestfriend. You know who you are. Words cant even describe how thankful I am for having you by my side. The only person (apart from my family) that I truly care about also care about me and theres nothing that I could replace it with. Amazing. Alhamdulillah.

It's effortless, the understanding between us. It's just there. No need for explanation,no need for elaboration. no rhetorical questions, no tricks and no bluffs. between us, its all legit.
Im going to explore the sea, inspecting, analyzing, outlining all the different fishes and pick one, the best one that is attractive inside and out. But before that, Im gonna have to prepare myself with all that it takes to go deep under, the oxygen tanks, suits, what to look for etc. Where my bestfriend comes in is where theyre going to help me choose the best oxygen tanks, help me outline the things that I should be looking for in a fish, theres a hell lot of fishes out there, nemo, clownfish, anchovies, whales, dolphins and i ought to settle for something more salmon rather than sardines.

The best thing is, Im never going to know how long will I have to stay under the sea, looking till I find the best one. But while im at it, all I gotta do is enjoy the view, the coral reefs, all the different various fishes there is. Mysterious yet exciting.

What I need to keep in mind is, whenever I feel like drowning or lost, I always have my bestie ready to save and guide me. Thank you Allah for this gift, your blessing. I could never ask for more.

+I feel a sudden urge to wake my bestie up now and make myself annoying hehe. Bestie, lets go on an adventure together! ♥


Pure Mahabbah Fillah said...


like this quote..

i cant promise 2 fix ur prob...

but i can promise

u wont have to face them alone...

muse said...

nice blog kept it up

ezzu said...

bgus lh tu...hehe