Friday, August 26, 2011


Ramadhan is coming to an end, Eid is near. Somehow or rather I'm not feeling the raya vibe.. My feeling is more towards grieving over the halt of Ramadhan.. But, mourn-away. Make use of the residual days.

But how can I, if I'm not able to? The plight of a girl.

Not everyone has the same opportunities to acquire things in this life. Some people have wealth, while others are poor. Some people have health, while others are sick. But rest assured, convince yourself, regardless of any status in this life, everyone is still given an equal opportunity to get to the Paradise. Jannah...I realise a lot of muslims around the world is oppressed, or is not as lucky as us over here. heart sinks.. Please pray for our fellow brothers and sisters in Palestine etc,do not turn your back on oppression. Thus im trying to console myself, there are still other things that are pahala-worthy. I can still seek to compete for merit from Allah. There are many other ways.. A lot of other ways..
“Walaupun di dalam perjalanan mencari keredhaan Ilahi itu kita ada kejatuhan,
jangan sesekali berputus asa dan merasa kelemahan.
Sesungguhnya Allah tahu apa yang kamu usahakan.
Terus lagi berusaha.
Nanti bila jatuh lagi, terus naik kembali dan berusaha lagi.
Dan begitulah seterusnya hingga kita mati.
Jangan sesekali berhenti.
Biar belas Ilahi nanti berada di sisi.”
Hilal Asyraf

“…for Allah never fails in His promise.”
Al Quran (3:9)



sapesapri said...

ya istiqamah ...

Mardhiyah said... Allah lies our strength :)