Friday, August 5, 2011

Where the heart is

I tried this after seeing Nurul ain's tumblr post .

Keyed in "Mardhiyah" but this came up

mardhiyah is now friends with second floor band · second floor band
mardhiyah is the new administrative support assistant with corporate services in bogor

what the? tak best langsung.
So, then I keyed in "Radhiatul Mardhiyah" and this came up

Sorry, Google doesn't know radhiatul mardhiyah

Lagi sedih T_T
SO, i decided to just put "Mar" instead.

mar is a 3 bedroom oceanfront vacation rental home with
mar is a small coastal town in the region of the
mar is a beautiful home in rocky point and is rented
mar is great
mar is een klein
mar is currently being
mar is a large
mar is een prima
mar is still too darn skinny
mar is truly unique las brisas del mar
mar is a lovely
mar is mу nу mar is lъ an mйid lъbtha atб de dhнth
mar is the perfect spot for an active vacation
mar is right for you
mar is one of the most beautiful resorts of costa rica
mar is situated in the south of the costa brava
mar is two square miles of coastal land best known for its fairgrounds and del mar thoroughbred
mar is not your ordinary race track nor is this an ordinary event
mar is a recipient of the chancellor?s and president?s award for excellence in teaching
mar is situated 35 km from the town of san isidro del general on the pacific coast of costa rica
mar is the place
mar is approximately 854
mar is a premier master
mar is
mar is a san francisco attorney and parent who has taught asian american and ethnic studies at sf state university since 1992
mar is an upscale coastal community that borders newport beach and is known for its breathtaking views of the ocean
mar is a small city in it's own right
mar is headed by james d
mar is at once sophisticated and comfortable
mar is located some 25 km from palma de mallorca
mar is a caribbean classic designed for easy entertaining and comfortable family living
mar is able to offer youth and teens of all ages new activities and challenges each year
mar is now obsolete
mar is ideally situated on the pacific coast of costa rica
mar is a family owned and operated oceanfront resort that combines old
mar is is ideal for corporate or family groups to escape the cup action for a few days
mar is right on the caribbean coast in akumal
mar is a favorite in zancudo
mar is apples and apes
mar is ceart
mar is several miles down pch
mar is a community of sophisticated
mar is up for sale
mar is a small
mar is a village where hospitality reigns
mar is controlled autonomously by the handy board
mar is a first
mar is alleged to have told the business man that since 9/11
mar is a forum for information on the work within the international groundwater community on the management and
mar is a newly constructed 4 bedroom
mar is the perfect oasis for travelers looking
mar is committed to
mar is a great place to take a vacation if you like to go to the beach and relax
mar is in charge of the recreational facilities and the security staff
mar is a small family run guest house which has been in the family for many years
mar is located on the sea of cortez at km 10 on the "corredor turistico"
mar is adjacent to parkland and open space that provide habitat for a myriad of birds
mar is a unique project in costa rica; it has given birth to a new age of sustainable tourism and
mar is owned and operated by the edward thomas company
mar is described in gallйe and schayes
mar is a wonderful discovery located north of san diego via i
mar is also a little piece of paradise for families
mar is different
mar is the ideal spot
mar is one of the best boutique hotels in california
mar is one of the premier beach resorts in california
mar is on the south
mar is known as a "privileged residential community" because the osunas themselves feel privileged to live in such an extraordinary atmosphere
mar is on the northeast caribbean coast of costa rica
mar is next to valparaнso
mar is an elegant luxury oceanfront villa located in exclusive north akumal
mar is researching the issues and providing additional input on the bill
mar is now eligible for one additional nar director
mar is within easy driving distance of the us
mar is about 2 hours south of sf
mar is situated close to the beach and is within walking distance of shopping areas
mar is a non
mar is the only composting toilet company to have our systems produced in an iso
mar is a narrow town with one main thoroughfare
mar is run by a husband / wife team; gonzalo ramirez & his wife
mar is situated only 250 meters off the 5 mile long white sandy beach of playa guiones
mar is something i look forward to every year with tremendous anticipation

HAH! TUDIAAAAAAAAAAAAA! apparently "Mar" is more like some place/house/property. And not described as being human.

Sedih lagi T_T

But looking at the brighter side (NAK SEDAPKAN HATI,OK),boleh la juga jadikan sebagai analogi. I'm like a house. Everyone needs a house, right?? A place to live in, functions as a shelter against the heat, rain, you sleep in it, eat, changes clothes, shower, poo, pee, a place you can do a lot of stuff comfortably. A place where families gather,do stuff together, that's why a house is called a home.Home sweet home.or, Mar sweet Mar. HEHE. Kesian kat hobo tepi2 jalan, tidur atas cardboard, comot2, takde rumah kan? Makanya, memang penting la rumah ni atau pun let me structurise balik ayat tu, memang penting la Mar ni.


dan juga Mar is being described as lovely, great, wonderful discovery, perfect spot for vacation, right one for you, and something you would look forward to.

MWAHAHA lagi. I'm flattered.
meluat tak? HAHA

Okeyla. cukup2 la tu. Try "Radhi" pulak (because this is what I was called by back in primary school). and one of the result ....

radhi is oag isn't it?


Rumah yang ada sekarang cuma rumah teres satu tingkat tapi diri ini sangat bersyukur kerana punya rumah yang didiami oleh umi ayah dan juga adik2, tak pernah sunyi, tak pernah lekang dengan gelak ketawa senda jenaka. Kadangkala hati inginkan rumah yang lebih luas dan selesa, tapi hanya mampu menunggu masa. Bersyukur dengan apa yang ada.
My dream house taklah sebesar mana pun, bukan berupa mahligai atau istana tapi cukuplah kalau sesiapa nak bagi sebiji macam ni

Takdela, memain je. Tapi WAJIB ada bilik macam ni :

I have a dream of putting up a library for myself and my children and grand children. My dream home library is something spacious, shelves on the wall, the light is bright enough, with a comfy couch or beanbag. I think it would be best if the couch is like a lazyboy by the window sill. YES THIS IS MY DREAM
“Oh Allah, In this very blessed month, open for me the doors of the heavens and lock the doors of hell from me.”


anisumbrella said...

nak try jugak ! haha

Mardhiyah said...

haha,watlaa anis! gi sini