Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pre-working life, episode 2

I'm not really in a decent condition to write, but I still wanna write, never the less. Ive been in the heat, fever for a couple of days, shivers during the nights, not being able to take up any food but to vomit afterwards.. Long stay in beds because of the joint pains. Sounds like disaster.

Since I'm feeling a tad better, after a mouthful ingestion of 500mg paracetamol, my body is starting to sweat out all them toxics, Alhamdulillah. Not only that that im grateful of, but also the super nice and caring people around me, my mum, me dad and also my bestie. Sheesh, I really dont know what I'd do without them in my life.

Speed news on posting: POstponed till november. For an unknown reason, no further elaborations.

The first time I heard this was from che faa, a classmate from uitm pharmacy. We met in front of the new library shah alam and she went "Dgrnye kte punye posting postpone bulan 11 kan" so I went like "WHAT?!" before i heard a loud thump from the inside of my heart. Something just sank.

That's when I start to wonder, just how much longer can I endure this.

But voices keep playing inside my mind. Voices that are there to comfort the daunting whispers of the ill mind. They keep telling me to stay on the positive side...You. are. not. alone.
I think it's time for an active participation from my right brain. Let's get to work baby!

**Tempahan menjahit dibuka semula. Sesiapa mahu tempah hantar baju kurung, kurung moden, skirts bolehla contact saya.


sapesapri said...

wah mar,leh jadi usahawan muda nih

Mardhiyah said...

insyaAllah... sikit2 bolehla wak :)