Sunday, July 15, 2012

Delusional talks.

Is it possible to miss someone you never met?
I don't know about you, but I certainly can.
I can picture a thousand scenes,
but all would somehow take me back to the memory of someone I don't even know.
All I have is a name and still images.
It's like all roads lead to Rome: all thoughts lead me to you.

Is it possible to miss going to a place you've never been to?
Again, this I can certainly do.
I can smell the warmth of the soft breeze caressing the side of my face.
I can picture how the light of the sun would blaze into my eyes as I squint toward the clear cloudless sky.
I can almost swear to you that I hear the rustle of the sand dunes,
 forever moving the grains that never stand still.
There would be thousands of people, all dressed in white and engrossed with their issues with the Almighty. But all I can see is me and my parents, hoping every second is lengthened to a mlife time,
just so that the overwhelming appreciation and humbleness would never leave our hearts.
I have never been there, but I miss it so.

Maybe, memories don't need to be based on tangible things.
Maybe, those images can't be qualified as memories.
Maybe these are just dreams to lull me to sleep.
But how can dreams persist even when I am awake?
So now, I am willing it with all my heart to be a reality.
Like a little girl who wants to play outside, praying on her knees for the rain to stop.
Raising her little stubby hands in prayer,
oblivious to the sneering adults that say, "Don't be foolish, just stay inside."
But she doesn't care, the important thing is that she has faith that is unwavering in the face of hopelessness.
Whatever it is, I am hoping it's a snapshot of my future. Every hope is a prayer and I hope that both get answered.

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