Thursday, July 19, 2012

Loosen it up

There's just so many things caught up in my head right now, I dont know where to start. All are jumbled up sentences and words, waiting to be rearranged in a proper way so i chose to write them down , and about time as well, eh?

Alhamdulillah, a third quarter of my PRP life has gone by, but not a moment of it I could ever forget. This is a phase of my working life, a shift of paradigm from student to working mentality, still in progress, though, and im still trying my hardest to adapt to the sweet- and bitter-ness of it all.

People. Those that Ive met, still meeting and yet to meet, the people I'm working with, really do shape me a little, in a way, somehow. And I learn about myself too along the way.

As for my self, Ive become somewhat more quiet where I prefer to sit down and listen, to observe and analyse, taking in the good, absorbing in the best, throwing out the bad and squeezing out the worst. I let people satisfy and entertain themselves, showing that theyre good to those more superior to claim what is rightfully "theirs", namely image and high grades. I listen and chuckle inside, seeing how funny people can become in order to prove that theyre better than the others.

Workloads. They can drive me insane just by thinking about it, these magical, never ending stuff, can really get to you if youre not careful with your time. Research! OMG, i wish this thing has never existed.It's something that really weigh me down a bit, well okay, not a bit, but its taking up most of my stressed portion of my emotions throughout my career.Im praying for a sincere heart to finish this thing up so that not only I can do it peacefully but also I can gain from something from it, both duniawi, and ukhrawi.

Allah, please ease for me the way to get your redha, inshaAllah.

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