Sunday, October 16, 2016

I'm back

Hello there people. I think i'm gonna have to get back to writing again. I have become loco in the head due to all the crazy jumbled up thoughts that i cant seem to get it out unless i write it down. 

For the sake of keeping sane, i have to. 


Lately, i have thinking about changes. Mainly changes in my life. And i'm talking not talking about small changes.. they're these BIG changes that made my life turn upside down , topsy turvy , and well.. it's a 360 degrees change. All in the past 2-3 years. Scary how such a short time can make your life different. But dont be mistaken, it isnt like im against these changes. Well, im still adapting. Hard. And i tend to learn things the hard way. 

The circumstances have changed. The additional roles that have been given to me; as a wife, as a mother of one at first, and now a mother of two, these changes is a bit too overwhelming for me to adapt to in such a short time. There's this little part inside me that deny all this and all i know is im actually resisting the changes. And it's not good. It's affecting the people around me. The people i hold dearly. The people i love. The people who love me. 

Praying hard that Allah ease the way for me to make changes to myself, in order to serve my family bettter, in order to become a better person as a whole. Aminn. 

Happy 29th birthday, Mardhiyah. 

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