Friday, January 2, 2009

indifference hurts

i dont know what to blog but i feel the need to. something had to come out, i dont know what but im just not feeling right. i seriously hate this kind of feeling... and really, at times like this i wish im at a far away land where no one can reach me and i'd just want to scream out loud. scream my lungs out.. scream like no body's listening.. like this


yet im screaming with my mouth shut.

which is sooo uncool.

as angry or upset as i might sound, or i might have said "leave me alone", deep inside i still want a person, anyone, next to me saying "IT'S ALLRIGHT, IM HERE"


Anonymous said...

me too.
nk jerit macam dak gile
and nk smeone ade..


mardhiyah said...

huhuhuh... atin, jom jerit sesame!!