Sunday, January 4, 2009

mood swing

Hu. I havent been on the bestest of mood lately. Everything doesnt seem to be right, work seem to pile up and the pressure is on. If you know me really well then you might have guessed that me being away from everybody else means that I'm having a rough time. I know its not a healthy thing to do but i guess its for the better. BUt if you know me a lot more than just 'really well', you would go against my idea of going through it alone because you know me better than i know myself. wtfish.

I guess what im going through is what you call the regular mood swings during pms. i'll be okay though. I'm just a little depressed and need to talk to my blog. okay now that sounds freaky. but i guess thats okay because im a freak after all.


Redza said...

huhu...susah nyer jadik a complicated girl like u kn...
but then again u seem to go thru it all very well kot all these i bet ull do fine :)
ur not freaky...cos if ur freaky,wat am i??

mardhiyah said...

hehe. youre a kambeng la! and will always be :P haha thanks a lotttt my dear kambeng :D :P