Tuesday, January 20, 2009


When i got online on ym i recieved this offline message. It made me smile, i hope it does you good too.

"Terkadang kita alpa apa yg berada didepan kita..namun setelah ianya hilang pasti kita mencarinya dan terus mencari apa yg hilang..begitu jua apa yg berada ditangan kita...peganglah ia sebelum ianya pergi meninggalkan kita..ketika kita sedang bersedih dan hidup dalam kesusahan,tersenyumlah dan berterima kasih kepada Allah bahawa kita masih hidup....."

Life lately has been a little relaxing. Finally, i could breathe freely. I should thank a lot of people, for being there, for helping me get through this. Thank you - everyone. Alhamdulillah~

Anyway, this morning before going to class as usual I'd go accompany my mum working out at tasik. Tuesday morning they usually have this senam robik for public but today since I have test for Dr Javad, i just decided to watch from aside *agak far away la jugak sebenarnye* I found it very very relaxing to study outdoor. As i was reading the lecture notes a middle aged man approached me and went like "anak ni, darjah bape? mak mane?"


i was like WHAT? darjah?! if tingkatan die tanye boley tolerate lagi la, but DARJAH?! sheesh.. kelakar nye. i smiled and said "eh takla uncle, sy dah university dah.. ni tgh tunggu mak, die gi jogging" and he went like "ohh alahai comel nya kamu ni.. tahun berapa?" "tahun kedua dah uncle, sem dpn nk masuk tahun ketiga" "ohhh amek bidang ape?" "farmasi" "oooo bagus2.tgh bace ape tu?" "bace nota, ptg ni ade test" "bagus2..maafla uncle ganggu..bacela nota tu"

thats just the intro. *intro yg agak hampeh* xP here comes the big part.

about 5 mins after that he came back.. "maaf la uncle ganggu lagi.. tp ni uncle nk tny pendpt, dorng2 skrg ni protest nak maths ngn science dlm bahasa mlayu smule.. ape pndpt kamu?"

i felt like being interviewed by some journalist lah masetu but i just layan je. and he agreed with what ive got to say. of course lah i said i'd prefer they use english. bila lagi nk nurture skills and the scientific terms for the two languages are sgt different jugakla. you have to learn them to get used to it. lagi satu, if malay lang is internationally recognised takpela juga, ni if nak sambung belajar overseas, mostly english is being used. malay lang? bukan nak rendahkan bahasa kita, bukan nak rendah its potential but sometimes you have to be realistic juga la. kenala juga fit yourself to the surroundings. its for the better. there is a lot of other ways to expand the usages of malay lang. bla di bla.. byk jugakla ktorng sembang psl ni..so this morning instead of studying i was talking to this uncle la basically. huhu.

but i didnt regret it. it reminds me of my work experience at awaaz asian women training centre based in sheffield. i was in year 11 and a month of work experience being the assistant in ICT and english classes was sangat valuable. priceless. okayla let me just go straight to the point. kat sane i learnt how to communicate with the adults. not just the usual hellos and how are you tp this is like in deeper conversation. pagi tadi i had to carefully talk to the uncle, choose my words carefully and be polite la basically.. bukan senang nk be polite ni.. haha bile ckp ngn kengkawan maen lepas jer en. cakap sesuka hati.

i know most of you must have realised this already but i just wanted to emphasize that communication is vital. esp for those who are interacting alot with the outsiders, pharmacists-to-be, be prepared..

I think thats all that i wanted to share. Tetibe plak i feel like craving for cheesecake. Later.


anumz sarah said...

There you go Mard...such a good entry. That's the mardy i know. Good experience with the 'uncle'. Oh yeah,you're cute, maybe mcm darjah kut...(hehe...)

badruddin said...

hehe... mane pegi Keranda 152 (PKPIM sibuk betul isu ni)...

btw, kekadang blajar kat luar mmg best.. 1 day b4 organic chemistry, I went to KLCC park taw!

p/s: no komen on your primary skool appearance..pakcik tu lupa pakai spek dia kut..

mardhiyah said...

hanum> hahaha.. x ptt tul mcm darjah..whuhuuhuhu.. thank you for the comment :D

bad> ywuu besnye gi KLCC park yg cntik tu.... bestnye besnye..huhu..

ps: pakcik tu mmg tgh pkai spek hehehe