Tuesday, May 26, 2009

just a conversation

yesterday :

A : r u ok?
B : yep i am
B : why ?
B : why ?
A : i dun noe
A : babe u crave 4 chocs
A : u watch korean dramas non stop
A : lyk ders no tmrw
B : hehe yeh
A : it seems 2 me dat ur not dat fyn
B : well to be honest im not
A : im not surprised

well I AM! im surprised, and impressed at the same time to know that someone actually knew me well enough to know that behind this smile therein lies tears that are being held back. haha. wtfish. this is rubbish.. im currently trying to pretend that everything is okay. yes ive fallen into the trap. yeay me! *read with sarcasm tone*

whats there to be upset about?

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