Monday, June 15, 2009

something inside

hello long time no see. last entry was on the 26th may? wow im truly sorry blog ive abandoned you for quite the longest time. my bad. no particular reasons, i just posess no interesting stories to share. 2 weeks of school holiday somehow make the time run faster than usual. and its already 15th of june? sheesh.. just look at how many seconds of minutes of hours have i wasted my time in doing unnecessary things. but lately though ive found reasons for everything.

when the thing you;re looking for is nowhere to be found and youre back stepping all your moves trying to figure it out..

does any of you know how does that exactly feels?

cant think of anything else but hearts

and how relieving it feels to have finally found a place to settle my little feet in instead of running in circles. has it ever occured to you that way?


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