Wednesday, June 17, 2009

dont care muchhh

its morning of wednesday ! i dont know whats the significance of that but hey its morning ! and its wednesday ! HAHA. i woke up went to the toilet brushed my teeth semi awake and semi asleep when suddenly the toothbrush hit my gum so bad it bloody bleeed. ouch ! now im going to have a pretty mouth ulcer eff that ! supply me with a barrel of salt and im going to lovee you forever . wtfish minger youre talking real rubbish.

so today didnt start off quite well. that doesnt mind me though, got a few hours left before the test. wow. test ! freaking cant wait to just get it over with. i still got some posters to be done lalalalala~ i am such a good procrastinator if there were to exist a procrastination competition i wud be sure to bloody win. and to top that, number one all the way! hahas.

nescafe aftermath. crap. craaaavinggs. double crap.


izzatizaki said...

im gonna beat u in the procrastination competition.haha

mardhiyah said...

hahaha neverrrrr !!! zati awk rajin la mane bleh beat kte ;D