Monday, July 20, 2009


im writing this *still* in room A2405. just had drug delivery system lecture by dr mina. my second lecture with him , well supposedly there are 3 lectures but i didnt get to attend the first one due to me being hospitalised. anyway, his lecture was awright. i particularly like the way he repeats things twice or thrice to make sure everyone understands, but i secretly thinks that most students dont realise that. Lol. my mind occasionally wanders and sleepiness urged me to shut myself from his lecture but alhamdulillah i managed to withstand it. yet there are still some parts that i missed and i blame it on my lack of concentration. T_T

got back home, around 5 minutes of "climbing" THE STAIRS with alternating rests and actions sandwiched in between. opened up me laptop as i need to finish up APPS report but im having a major problem on constructing proper sentences in malay. the right words wont come out. i know its somewhere at the back of my mind but they just remain there, hidden. i need help really bad on this report :(( somebody? anybody?

im looking forward to friday. i dont know why. haha. probably because i get to go home, and also, partly because prof ABAM's lecture on that day. i like. he teaches the cardiovascular system. about that thing inside you constantly working and pumping blood. i had this thought during his lecture that i wanted to share here in my blog. the heart, it's just the size of your fist. try clenching your fist and thats about the size of your heart. it's small. (well, mine is =P) but amazingly, this small heart is still capable of pumping blood to the rest of the body. which is like double and tripillion times greater size than the heart itself. i mean like, wow. small but strong. i was just thinking, no matter how small you feel, no matter how insignificant you may feel around people, you are still capable of making a big difference providing that you have the "SINOATRIAL NODE". meaning that you can excite yourself, and decide on your course of action. i hope that i can be that little "heart" of my own self and possibly to others.

thats it then. im going to take a short nap. didnt get enough sleep last night. blog off.

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