Friday, July 31, 2009

two P's

hello world howa you today?

first thing first : alhamdulillah.

sudden, unexpected holiday is coming towards the end. and i have not posted even one entry during the holidays? HAHA. too busy i guess. yeah you got it right busy with mr bed and mr telly and mr food and etcetera get my drift? LOL. im so pathetic T_T

anyway, i dont really have anything to talk about. prolly thats why this blog is abandoned as well. i only look for you when i have things to say to you eh mr blog. awwh too bad, thats why you;re here, to listen to my random rambles. haha. it makes me feel better.oh yeah it does.

i just remembered an old friend saying to me: GET YOUR PRIORITIES RIGHT. i was telling him how my gpa dropped from 3.4+ to 3.2+ . i got really upset, and i told him that i had too many distractions around me. *i know, im soooo lame, what?! blaming on the distractions?! haha get real la* and so he told me to, yeah you got it : GET YOUR PRIORITIES RIGHT. i was like, ugh, cliche... but the more i think about it, the more i agree with what he said. and that keeps popping up inside my head. get. your. priorities. right. but the thing is, my priorities have always been battling with my procrastination. priority vs procrastination. i always let the latter wins. i let my greatest enemy wins! how pathetic does that sound to you?!

sometimes i feel like my brain is like a frozen engine stuck in a snowy cold morning. i wanna get going and get a head start on the day. ive got my plans where to go, what to be done first and bla di bla but then this body of mine just wont start moving or at least it wont start working on it. ive been looking for the solution all these years, i thought its just fighting your mental inertia. fight fight fight! but that has to include your internal determination and sadly, my internal determination isnt strong enough i need external forces as well. haha. *i work best under pressure* so i thought, this cant be it! there must be another way to solve this problem, during this holiday like usual, i listed down my list of to-do's :

-finish up APPS report
-study a bit
-clear my celcom bill

ive only done 1 of it. cleared celcom bills. LOL. i suddenly remembered this workshop i went to when i was in the UK, it was called "reach for the sky". i wrote down in my diary one of the things i learnt from it : "break large pieces into small ones" this just caused me to subconsiously grabbed on to my to do list and i started scribbling on it.

-finish up review on apps campaign and apps global village night.
-study the significance of powders and granules

i thought wow this looks more "appetizing" to finish up. haha. and i havent felt more accomplished. breaking the large task into smaller ones really help. at least for me it really helps.

so today, im gonna:
-finish up review on apps free night, apps gala night and apps eco-park tour. (95% finished) **im really sorry for being late**
-study the anatomy of the heart.


**tetibe rase macam bagi motivasi pulak kat sini heh**

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