Friday, August 7, 2009


hello world.

i can bet you this will no longer be a motivational post. HAHA because i am undermotivated myself these days. *sigh* i remember watching this video about motivation deficiency disorder during APPS, its a disorder where patients arent motivated in doing anything at all, which can even lead to a very serious case where they arent even motivated to breath that eventually lead to death. so the purpose of the video was to show people the latest discovered drug called STRIVOR, it treats patients with this disorder and basically re-orders their lives into perfect orders. but hey then the side effects: irritability, violence. there were deaths because of overusage.. and the benefits are being questioned. something versus something else.

and at the end of the video it turned out that everything was a fake. the drug, death, even the disorder itself. theres no such thing.

and why am i writing this again? i see no point in it at all.

i feel myself slowly drifting away from everyone. i suddenly feel the need to be on my own, to think about things, to re-order my life into perfect order once again. well, maybe not perfect but good enough. at one point of time, i saw myself at the top of the world, my heads in the clouds but now i realise that i need to come down and feel the ground.


izzatizaki said...

i remember strivor!!!

anumz sarah said...

They got drugs for the unmotivated?? Kinda good idea..
p/s: Examo baru??

mardhiyah said...

zaty : yeahhh strivor!! :D
anum : i guess the drug is pretty much yourself kot.. hehe i dun know whats the message behind the video but it is kind of interesting >.<