Saturday, October 31, 2009


there's a limit to what you can or cannot do~

i suddenly thought of this when i woke up this morning. weird huh? i googled it but cant find anyone saying it. i thought i might have read it somewhere but where? it cant just possibly popped out off my head right? hmmm. on second probably would...knowing myself, things sometimes came out of nowhere, inspiring usually happen early in the morning..

there, one of many secrets of my own self have been told. *secret la sangat* lol~

ANYWAY!~~~ biotech is OVER! let bygone be bygone, yeah? one paper down, i-dont-know-how-many-more paper to go lol. i think there'll be 6 more. but one thing to be certain, PHARMACOGNOSY's next! should i be ^_______^-ing or T_______T-ing ?

i went to meet prof weber the other day. we had a good chat but i wasnt expecting him to give out any hints or tips or whatnot and he indeed did not give out any. but one thing that i would like to share here is what he said to me

"the mountain is high up because you're seeing it that way, try climbing it bit by bit, enjoying every little step of it and you will eventually realise that you're already at the top of it"

but if course he said it a little differently, im just adapting it to my "own" language so it is more understandable hehe..but you get the point right? i know its soo easy to be stressfull especially at times like this, but like i have mentioned before, theres a limit to what you can or cannot do. think about it...

lets get back to basic *usaha doa tawakkal*

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