Wednesday, November 4, 2009

round around

"Jika ada sesiapa pinta cintamu, katakan ia nya utk Allah, rindumu utk Rasulullah dan kasihmu utk ibu bapa... tetapi jika dipinta keikhlasan mu, berikanlah pada yang telah menghargainya..."

selesai sudah kalam pembuka bicara, kini tiba untuk ku mengomel mengisi masa..walaupun sebenarnya takdela banyak mana, namun tetap jadi penghibur hati yang lara...

3 papers down down down already~ 3 papers more to go go go~ ive got to admit that second paper pharmacognosy was pretty badly done. HUU! and some news i got from a good friend have made it worse.. but im trying to look at it the positive way which im not sure how positive could it be and no matter how how frustrated i was, how down i felt right after i heard the news/rumour i still am trying to think positively and look forward to the next paper...people we know can be MEAN but they might have their own good reasons...only God knows~ but we'll see... Allah Maha Adil bukan?

what im going to write actually has nothing to do with the above quote. i just found it interesting to share it here. and somehow when i read it, it left me with this big massive relief to know that im not alone..a big thank you to you-know-who-you-are for the quote. i might be talking about this later on though, when time is on my side..till then, i can feel the waves that the cardiovascular system is radiating towards me, calling me to fill its demand...hehe. later blog~

p/s: ive gained a bit of weight. now weighing 47kg (before:44kg). yeay?


Anonymous said...

okay ah tu kak mard. tgk atin ni
kecik. tpi berat 45kg.gile. hahahaha
nmpk sgt gemuk. tpi snarnye berat tulang aje ;p ;p (cover)

mardhiyah said...

45kg! hahaha comel!! akak x pnah jmpe aten lg tp leh bygkan yg aten adelah cumel!! ;D