Monday, October 26, 2009

that thing is thingly thinging

hello world

what time is it?
time to buy a watch!

haha good old days. how i miss em. i dont know why im writing an entry. something is rushing inside of me activating this and that and voila here i am. i know, final exam is like so effing near which is like 4 more day and that is less than a week. i mean, for reall lahh... our first paper is less than a week! and i dont mean to moan or complain or nethin i just feel a little upset but not so upset for i have been given the task to do another report for a program which is actually someone else's job. and me being MYSELF, not being able to say NO to a friend asking for help, half heartedly accepted it with a thought of an egloo icecream for a treat. u just hve to know how hard it is for me to construct good malay sentences. okay let me have the last laugh before the first tear HAHA. okay now im talking rubbish. huhu, if only you know how i feel..

lets turn it all around. huh. yes baby i have faith im gonna go through this with joy! i know i can do it, you know you can do it, mardhiyah! chaiyok! aja! fighting!

blerghh. this aint working. aww you know its some sad attempts of reaching a not so permanent high sky thing.

sigh but no sigh.. i really need someone to talk to.....


{ uMy } said...

are you alright?
you know you can always barge me @ A2905B =)
good luck with the report & studying whatnot (^^,)b <-- hell i miss typing this :D

mardhiyah said...

umy, THANKSS!! ur a goood friend!!:D