Friday, November 27, 2009

was it easy

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hello world. its been ages aint it.

im waiting for nur kasih to start. i told my sis "dah start nnt panggil kakak okeyyyy!" and theres about one hr more till it starts so ive decided to update my blog. haha about time! my last entry was about final exam. which is sooo last news. hehe. i am now finished with semester five *alhamdulillah, thank You Allah for the time youve given me* and currently im on my retail pharmacy practical training for a month before the new sem starts.

"working" 8-9 hrs per day monday till saturday is a new experience for me. i will talk about it more when its done and over with.

btw, happy eid ul adha everyone~ eid of sacrifice. just how much you'd be willing to sacrifice what is yours without even questioning Him?


Wirdiana said...

kecian kamu tade cuti ye?
huhu.. =p

mardhiyah said...

hak ah laa mc naa.. cuti raye haji je la.. tu pun sehari , hari jumaat jee.. huhu... xperlaa saba jelaa :D