Friday, May 21, 2010

now its going down

i ought to know by now that we dont always get what we want. things, people crossed my path but maybe because i was blinded by idealism, or maybe because i am too clumsy, i slipped in the process of grabbing. i only hope that it will eventually cross my path back, like the Brownian motion.. however impossible it may sound.

oh dear God, i feel like a mess right now. cant help asking myself WHY there must be a reason somewhere behind it but i cant quite figure it out yet. i need to fix myself up quick because i know no one else can. i need to stand up on my own. some kind of support would greatly help.

second week of industrial training went fine. i had a lotta fun with my classmates & some new friends. probably thats why. i got too happy that i am crashing right now.

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