Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cuti Epi II

Holiday is nearly coming to an end!

I wrote the first sentence 2 hours ago omg. I was watching youtube on how ppl wear shawls, it's not that it's my first time but it amazes me how it even cross ppl's mind to put up a video wearing different kind of hijab. Okayla, as a tutorial, i cannot deny that it is useful but i'm just a little ashamed of some who claimed that they wear hijab or tudung but still seemed to ignore the actual reason why they have to wear it. Get me?

Fashion is a form of self-expression,for some people. But I express myself through other ways. Honestly, I have to admit that I'm not really into fashion. I dress comfortably to cover up, not to impress. Well, it's enough to impress myself, and probably my husband in the future but that's a whole lot of different thing to think of. I like StyleCovered video tutorial. Go check it out. It's a proper way to show without really showing. She wore a bonnet to cover the hair and the neck before actually wearing a headband & the scarf. And i have to say, she is pretty. Found her while browsing through BBC News

Anyway, that was random. I was thinking of some other things to write about this morning, but my mind got diverged, blame it on BBC News HEHE.

I changed the look of Mr Blog again. Thought of giving him a new makeover - browsed through some free blogger templates websites - downloaded the xml file, and just in a split second Mr Blog is transformed into whole new look. But still the same old content. HAHA.

HPLC yesterday went well. Except that I got told off because I arrived 5 minutes late. "Rasanya hplc teori start pukul 9am kan?" Ouch. T_T Other than that, it went allright. And as a matter of fact, I need to find more things that I overlooked before eg warfarin solubility, ranges of concentration normally found in human plasma, interday vs intraday validation and et cetera. And when I read back my research proposal I have found that I need to put in more information because I have missed out on some important things. Wondered how on earth I got an A last sem. Nevertheless, a big thanks to Kak Nana for your guidance in HPLC workshop!

And straight after the workshop I went to my old favourite place, which is the.... library (How exciting..duh) Got myself some reading materials before Kak Ana arrived with Balqis. FYI, Balqis is 4 years old, the eldest daughter to Kak Ana & Abg Azreen. Abg Azreen was our co-supervisor during industrial practical training. I was just reading some books & explaining & drawing with Balqis but surprisingly it was exhausting. Not in a bad way, but seriously I started to wonder how do all mothers cope with this everyday ?! It's very challenging. I do have little brother and sisters but it's different to having your own son or daughter. The strengths mothers have are true gifts from Allah.. It's amazing.

I love you, umi.

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uuu... semua org pun dah start research diorg and tanye research kat I.hehe... sem 7, like syu said:prepare for the worst!