Tuesday, November 16, 2010

all complete

i feel like a happy soul.

it feels complete.

i know i'm late, definitely wayyyyy toooooooooo late but hey, FINALLY ! my prized possession of HP books are now in complete set. although im a bit bothered the last one i bought today isnt hardback but im trying to convince myself it's not the cover thats important but whats in it. *sigh

probably one of the factors why i delayed buying this was because i can hardly believe it's the last one of its kind. i didn't want it to end, i was in denial. but over time, i came to realise that yes, it's the last one. but it is also the best one. i've been wasting my time denying what's real. and now it's time to engage in it and make the best of it before the movie comes out.

and it's a good thing they made the last movie into two parts. i can imagine why :-D