Thursday, November 18, 2010

bila lagi

I went back to kg on Eid.

A presence of new face in addition to the usual lot. This time, it's my cousin's husband. Got married half a year ago but only got the chance to hang around. She's my paternal cousin of the same age, and another one is engaged, going to get married on January.

And that will leave me, the third 23-year-old-grandchild of my dear grandma to let the marital status left unaltered. And the usual questions would be, yes, you'd guessed right . "kak yah bila pulak?"

Honestly saying,

I dislike this kind of question.
I dislike this kind of pressure.

because I dont have the answer.

But speaking in a frank manner, I WISH i had the answer. BUt for the time being, before I develop an uttermost dislike towards going back to kg, let these questions stop and let me live my life at my own accord, boleh tak.

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