Sunday, November 14, 2010

es kay pee

my last post was TWO MONTHS back?!

that was amazing. i used to blog like evveryyy day but now its like once in every 2 months lol i need to start blogging back again, i mean intensier in frequency.

reasons for my lagging post were a) exam b) research c) exam and research and anything to do with la vie etudiante a universite. and now that im freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee from those things, i can blog and surf and blog. but only temporarily though, and i mean it when i said temporary. this brief moment i will have with mr lappy will be taken away when i decide to do SKP. not that i have the choice but mum says it would be a good experience. so i'll be working with warfarin in the lab, playing with measuring cylinders, needles, hplc machine and such. theyre my toys now. HAHA. so im still with puncak alam this hols. lameee -_____-;

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shapoji said...

keep it up blogger!!!