Friday, December 17, 2010

When there's hard work there's a reward for you

Alhamdulillah. Jumaat hari penuh berkat, penghulu hari, Every Friday I tend to get my mood up somehow, even today I'm feeling a little ill, fever, flu & sore throat but I didnt let them get me down.

I was planning to run an extra day for validation (for fun, because I like running my samples LOL), but my plan didnt work out because somehow a few days before this, HPLC pressure got realllly high and reached the limit it kept stopping running my samples..It turned out that the machine was clogged but after a few twitching here and there, the pressure went back to the normal state. alhamdulillah. But then, my extra day had to be taken off and here I am, analysing my results. Although the result of my validation is a little off, and I am actually a bit disappointed because of the large variation but hey my SV told me it takes a lot of time to master the skills and such. And because of that, she told me to start writing up whatever I've got. And she said well done! I think she's proud of me (hehe) because at last, I got through this stage of research in a limited period of time. And I'm new to this stuff as well :)

Anyway, thats it about my research, didnt mean to bore you readers, but I'm just excited as I can be! I can finally write up my thesis! And a proper one, that is! *big smile*

I was gonna upload a picture of chocolate marshmellow but due to the suckish uitm wifi connection, the image cannot be uploaded. haih *well, at least there is a connection, kan?* The purpose of that picture is to remind myself to get rewarded after this. Wohoooo! At last, you've done it, Mardhiyah!

Next week, there will be a family trip to Penang, for the whole week. Oh man, what is there in Penang to be interested about? I've been there during APPS, anyway. But I thought it would be a great time to relax and spend time with my family, and this morning I was having a little chat with abg Ikhwan, one of the postgrads in PROMISE, and he managed to give me a picture of how Penang is a food heaven... Foods dont normally excite me, but this time, I dont know why, it definitely stimulate my salivary glands!! Penang, here I come! *again*

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