Thursday, January 20, 2011

by the light of the moon

The moon was amazing last night. If only I had a better camera, I would have captured it properly. But this is the only image that I managed to get. Sad.

see that tiny white spot in the middle? thats the full moon

I went through my friend's 365 projects. She's currently in the UK and turned out her image of yesterday's was full moon as well.

Man, only now I realized what it really means by "sharing the same moon".

It's amazing. How round and bright the moon is. How it is being looked at, shared with, awed by a lot of other people around the globe. At that time I just felt like wanting to send a message to the moon to tell you "that I'm waiting for you to find me,i miss you"...whoever you are, wherever you are. because the moon is what's connecting the two of us (at night) . LOL.

Nak send telepathy lah tonight while watching the moon.. Can you feel me?


Nerd said...

Talking to the mooooon... :))

Anonymous said...

The photo of the cloud is very pretty