Monday, April 18, 2011

This isnt the end, yet love.

I'm very sure everyone will agree with my next statement, life can be very much like a roller coaster. One day I'd wake up and set my mind "This is going to be a good day, insyaAllah". Everything's going according to plan, food tastes particularly good, peeople around you seem so cheerful and supportive, life is good. But then there will come a day when there comes the downward spiral of the roller coaster. The storm clouds appear and the crisis sets in.

This time around, life sometimes feel overwhelming. Weeks passed tremendously quick.The uncountable amounts of peer pressure and headaches due to most final of final exams. Them excruciating mind-twisting paragraphed facts may tip my heavy loaded head off the cliff. That's a fun image... Falling off a 777m above sea level cliff, falling elegantly waiting for the hunky Edward to embrace his heroism and save me in a heavenly manner.. (Uh, pause. No. Not Edward. Si vous plait, no.) It'll be a fast-motion fall for Johnny Depp though! Haha, there goes my unnecessary fragment of the state of mind. But hey, it is often during these times, that I go back remembering the things and those moments when my heart does a flip or a 360 degrees somersault.

#1 Nay, Verily, with me is my Lord, He will guide me (Quran 26:62)

#2 Amazing things, like tonight, the full moon is shining ever so brightly, Go go, go outside with your slippers and pyjamas on, bask in the light radiating from our one and only moon. Such beauty shall not go to waste.

#3 I wonder how its like. To swim in the glittery ocean. On an orca whale's back.

#4 Sometimes I see the things other people don't see in other people. People never cease to amaze me. You never cease to amaze me.

#5 Chocolate + potato crisps or simply any carb is the best thing to have when you're in a state where.. you don't know what to do. Fine, I meant foooooood. Scrumptious, yummeh..

#6 The trees can hear you if you talk to them. So let's say Hi, Pokok!

Macam delusional and hallucinating pun ada.
So yeah my point is, the next time i was going to be driven to the brink of insanity from the so called realities of life, i'm just going to seek refuge in the true realities, the sweetnesss of it all, those that are sweeet enough to bury down the bitterness. Life's trials are supposed to make you better, not bitter, am i right or am i not wrong? Let's face this mes amis for once and for all !!


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