Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Its that way

Salam people,
Mode tengah kenyang perut buncit baru lepas sahur.
Umi kata jangan tidur lepas sahur, nanti makin buncit.

Saya tak tidur tapi saya nak tulis blog.

Yesterday I had a conversation with my friend. You know there are many kinds of conversations and this one kind of changed your perspectives towards people. I mean I rarely let anyone change my own view and perspectives but this is really an eye-opener when you really think about it.

People tend to disappoint you a lot. I mean, come on, you cannot deny that you, disappoint other people as well right. People care alot about the people they care about (what?!) and a heart that cares can take in all the shizz that people throw without being continuously hurt. But you know theres a saying that goes a girl can forgive but they cannot forget. If the shizz is being thrown at a hundred times over, a heart that cares can turn into a heart that cant be arsed.

I have lost of my faith in men.

But I'm having my faith in Allah to send me someone that can fix it all.

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