Monday, August 6, 2012

Adab bergaul

Has anyone heard of the phrase that goes " a winner is someone who makes a winner out of others"?

Ive made an effort to observe the leadership styles of individuals at various levels in the management hierarchy. Ive noticed that invariably, those who treat others with respect and dignity motivates the others to achieve higher goals, perform more efficiently and have a higher morale.

Sometimes, even people we have never met can inspire us immensely. You can tell someone is a great man by the way he treats little people. And by little people here i dont mean by their size, i meant the people under their management. I had a few incidents at work that proves how much this works. I am much more motivated to work under someone who smile and greet me good morning everyday rather than someone who is much more stern and grumpy.

One of the secrets that ithink works all the time for me, is, being careful to avoid deflating another person's ego. Simply make other people like themselves a little better, and i can promise you, they will like you very much. We may as well admit it though, we want people to like us. To be liked is a psychological need each of us has. So i think, we are contributing a great deal to a person's happiness when we express genuine appreciation. Yesterday Dato' Lee Chong Wei lost against Lin Dan in olympic badminton singles. He was tearful and even tweeted that he was sorry that he didnt get gold. To me and to many other people, he's the real winner here.

Anyway, what i really wanted to say was, treat other people by the way that you want to be treated. Really, and truthfully,part from the things anyone can pick up, such as dressing and speaking, the difference between a lady and a girl is not how she behaves, but how she's treated.

Waiting for someone to treat me like a lady instead of a girl. Eh.

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