Monday, August 6, 2012

It gets closer

Have you ever visited a person so sick that you can almost see his life fading away minute by minute. You leave there feeling helpless when you know there’s nothing you or anyone can do. It’s all in the hands of God. Just like everything always is. But does it make you think that regardless if you wanted or not you are getting closer to death minute by minute too. That I myself and all the people I love are going to die one day. Does it scare you? It does scare me and because of many reasons.

I went to visit my patient in ICU the other day. She was on Aminophylline, a drug to help her breathe easier. She looked frail, only depending on the machines to hold on to life. It struck me that it's times like these when sickness and death both become so realistical that it like pushes you back to reality.

A few days later, she passed away. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un. Surely we belong to God and to Him shall we return. Al Fatihah.

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AJID =D said...

ni la pengalaman dok kt icu...dl ms kt icu ada follow sorg pt ni start admit smpila suatu ari tu die dh almost stable. suatu hari tu kwn die melawat tgk die.gembira pt tu tak tetiba die cm xble bernafas walupn on ventilator.tgk die struggle tok bernafas tu mg menakutkan..last2 kn resus..sadis gile bl dgr nurse suh ngucap sume..akhirnya pt tu berjaya sbb die xble bernafas sblm tu mg xble terima akal..sbbny kahak die tersumbat kt tube pkir2 blik..benda simple cmtu pn ble menemukan ajal kite..sekadar berkongsi..skrg dh tak dok hsptl...boring dh dok kk..huhuhu..